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Amp-oN Custom JTM 45

Denne Amp er bygget efter en 1964original JTM45 med top kvalitets komponenter Bl.a. en ægte Drake 6k6 udgangstransformer, her er ikke sparet på noget, Ampen er monteret med Nos RFT – Mullard- miniwatt rør m.m.

Der er audio potentiometre , håndbygget turretboard med pio – silver mica kondensatorer og kulkompound m.m som i den originale amp.

Der er tilføjet 2 mods - en line out og en NFB regulering-

( negativ feedback i powertrinet )

Dette ændrer ikke på Ampens tonale egenskaber, det giver blot en mulighed for optagelse eller Pa via lineout – samt NFB er en ekstra mulighed for at styre ampens drive/tone.

Info :

Ampen har ingraveret front med plexiplade

Front :

Standby sw – main sw –pilot lamp – Presence – Bass – Middle – treble volume 1 –volume 2 – input 1 – input 2 Hi/lo

Back :

Line out – Variabel NFB –speaker outputs – Ohm vælger – Ht fuse – main power input med 1,6A main fuse

En helt igennem unik ogfantastisk Amp i en klasse for sig, der leverer toner som den

originale Amp fra 1964. detbliver ikke bedre end dette.....

Denne amp skal opleves..

Amp-oN Custom Express v.2

This is Amp-oN´'s special version of a Trainwreck Express Amp.
Inspired by TWE, I have built this special version with Amp-on modifications which give the musician more options to control the volume and tone of this amazing Amp.

The power stage is based on a 6.6K Ohm output transformer (Classic Tone) from the USA. Tubes :
There are 2 nos Mullard xf2 EL34 outlet pipe and 3 nos preamp tube - Mullard 12ax7,
Amperex bugle boy 12ax7 and a Phillips miniwatt 12ax7 as in the original TWE Amp.

There is a hand-built turretboard with quality components such as coal compound resistors,
Pio (paper in oil) - silver mica capacitors, Audio potentiometers, etc.

Amp-on's variations compared to a classic TWE :
There is a low cut / boost in the first (Mullard) triode stage, a variable gain in second (mullard) triode stage,

A switch / triode selection option in the second tube stage (amperex) as well as a variable NFB in the phase splitter, which allows the user to vary the gain / drive in the output stage.
These modifications give the musician more options to control drive, tone and gain in the Amp.

Front operation:

Input - low cut / boost switch - volume - Trebble - Middle - Bass - Variable Gain - Presence.

Main switch - Pilot lamp - Standby switch.

Rear operation:

Main power / fuse - Ht fuse - Ohm selector - Variable NFB - Speaker outputs - Triode switch.

The cabinet is handmade made of Oak wood and finished with layers of ships-laquer.

So this is a uncompromising Amp, fantastic both in terms of quality, as well as regarding to sound
and tone, it is dynamic and vibrant.

Something one needs to experience ...

Amp-oN Custom Old Style PT-20

This is aHandbuild Amp inspired by old Fender 5F6 bassman and Gibson GA-40amp´s. The Amp have 2 channels first channel / stage is a 5879Pentode used by Gibson, the second channel is a triode stage, whereit´s possible to choose the triode in the tube one want´s to use,it is selected by a triode switch on the backpanel.

Secondstage is a catode follower, that drives the tonecontrols,and thirdstage is a longtale phase splitter. These 2 stages is inspired by theold Fender Bassman 5F6 from 1958/1960.

Thepreamp and power suply is mounted on a handbuild turretboard withpio and silver mica Condensators and 1 watt coulfilm resistors, thepowertubes have catode bias, witch makes it selv-ajustable, so thereis no need for biasing powertubes.

Thepower-stage is based on 2 vintage Nos 6V6 tubes delivering 20 WattRMS. Output and Choke transformers are from Canadian Hammond and thepower transformer is from Europe. The power stage have 2 Amp-oNfeatures - a Pentode / triode switch and a Variable NFB, witch canvaiate the Amp´s drive more or les.

This Ampdelivers a sound that is very near to the old Bassman 5F6 in thetriode channel and a touch of Gibson in the 5879 Pentode channel, itdelivers a superb sound and drive that one needs to experience byplaying the Amp. The 2 channels can be used and mixed together by asmal loop cord.


Front :

Channel 1/ 2 high and low inputs - Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Treble - Middle -Bass - Presence.

Back :

HT fuse -Main power input and fuse - Speaker outputs - Ohm selector 4-8-16 Ohm- Line out - Variable NFB - Triode selector switch.

The ampis placed in a beautyfull old radio cabinet, that is renovated andmodified to fit he amp. This is Unik Amp-oN amp in both style, lookand sound, based on Amp-oN´s custom vintage schematik.